Bar Juice 5000 Rainbow 5mg 10ml E-Liquid – Pack of 10

Diamond Mist E-Liquid

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Celebrate a Spectrum of Flavours with Rainbow E-Liquid

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colourful experience of Bar Juice 5000 Rainbow 5mg 10ml E-Liquid, now in a convenient pack of 10. This e-liquid brings a kaleidoscope of flavours to your palate, featuring a mix of sweet and tangy fruits that mimic the enchanting taste of a rainbow. Each inhale promises a burst of fruity sweetness, followed by a refreshing and slightly sour exhale, making every vaping session a delightful surprise.

Perfect for those who love a bit of mystery and excitement in their vape, our Rainbow e-liquid is crafted with a mild 5mg nicotine strength, offering a smooth hit that's easy on the throat. The 10ml bottles are ideal for on-the-go vaping, designed to be leak-proof and compact, fitting effortlessly into any lifestyle. Whether you're relaxing at home or out with friends, the Rainbow flavour is sure to brighten your day and uplift your spirits.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Fruit Flavour Mix: Enjoy a blend of multiple fruit flavours that come together to create a vibrant, rainbow-inspired taste.
  • 5mg Nicotine Strength: Perfect for vapers looking for a milder nicotine hit without compromising flavour intensity.
  • Pack of 10: Excellent value, keeping you well-supplied with your favourite vibrant flavour.
  • 10ml Bottles: Convenient and portable, making it easy to refill wherever you are.
  • Superior Quality Ingredients: Ensures a pure, consistent taste and a satisfying vape every time.
  • Compatible with Various Devices: Fits a wide range of e-cigarettes and vaping devices.
  • Ideal for All-Day Vaping: Light and refreshing, perfect for enjoying throughout the day.



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